The Department of English aims to deliver on the following objectives:

1. Sensitizing students about the importance of the language
2. Inculcating in them a habit of reading literature
3. Teaching them the importance of English grammar, syntax, and sentence construction
4. Preparing the students for the public exam, grooming them for better grades
5. Lastly, as teachers in literature, we would aim at creating humane students who are kind, compassionate and worldly wise.

1. The Department of French guides its students in developing competency in reading, writing, listening as well as speaking the foreign language French.

2. Apart from imparting knowledge of grammatical structures which is inherent and imperative, we also focus on practicing communication strategies.

3. In addition to this, the students are given insights into the lifestyle, culture and history of French and general European civilization.

4. As part of our highly interactive teaching methods we give the students the opportunity to mange situations from day to day life through, for example, role plays, dialogues, etc.

5. Other than teaching them, we also provide them with a platform to showcase their aquired French skills and talents by organizing competitive events and our very own 'French Day'.

1. Hindi is a language by 422 million people of india and 545 million people all over the world.
2. Hindi language developes carries forward culture and tradition of india in students.
3. It also helps in personality development and character building of the students.
4. Hindi language experts are required in many fields like:
• Translator of hindi language
• Films
• Advertisements
• Newspaper
• Radio etc.

1. The main objective incorporating Kannada as a language in PUC is to create an interest among students in the state language and literacture.

2. To motivate the students too study this language as it wl establish ethical value in student.

3. As literature reflect the society.

4. It will reflect the rich diverese cultural heritage of our state.

5. Inclusion of buissness letters will prove to be very used to students from the practical and carrier point of view.